next steps.

In case the radio silence hasn’t been an indication, my post on Saturday was the end of the tentatively titled Primal Music. In its full form (rather than being chopped up for this blog), it consists of five sections of roughly similar length. If you’ve read through and have feedback, I’d love to hear your thoughts! Feel free to leave comments. Especially if you want to talk publishing. Ha.

Now, what’s next? Isn’t paying for a domain a bit silly if I don’t use it? Yeah, I thought so. Here are the content options I have managed to brew up at 8 in the morning:

  • More rants, arguably with a musical skew
  • Band/artist recommendations, because I’m opinionated that way
  • Short stories, of which I have many I could polish
  • Two more “novels” of roughly 50,000 words, thanks to previous National Novel Writing Months
  • Rough drafts as I slog through NaNoWriMo this November

So if you feel strongly about anything or want to nurture my embryonic ego, by all means, leave a comment or try to get in touch. Otherwise I’ll have to figure things out myself, and that’s just nonsense.


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